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The V'sco: Much more than a simple utility bike (available soon)
More innovation - More comfort - No compromise
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Inspired by our knowledge of the market, this new generation stands out from all the other bikes that can be made.

Designed to enhance the delivery experience, this bike heralds a new generation of electrically assisted utility bikes that combine design and performance.
Autonomy for unlimited mobility
Equipped with a double battery this bike will allow you to go up to 150 km of autonomy.
Loading capacity
That's no less than 100 kg that you can carry in the back without any CO2 emissions.
Better durability
The search for sustainability is not only a concept, but a constant quest for VelyVelo.
For this new generation, the Innovation team has focused on components that allow the bike to have the least amount of repairs and maintenance despite intensive use.

By combining motorcycle and bicycle components, the V'sco has taken the best of both worlds to meet your needs.
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