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What are the advantages of bike delivery?

  • Deliver faster and more efficiently using bus lanes, bike lanes and authorized reverse directions.
  • Increased revenues through lower fuel and insurance costs.
  • Enhance your image by contributing to the ecological transition with low-carbon delivery.

Bicycles are considered to be non-motorized means of transport, and no specific training or permit is required for their use on public roads. However, it is essential to respect the rules of the road.

I can contact the sales department directly by phone, or fill in the contact form on the VelyVelo website.
My valid ID, my credit card, my bank details, my proof of address, and my Kbis.

I can rent/buy a bike anywhere in France. (Contact the sales department for more details).

I can buy a bike by asking the sales department for a quote. (Possibility of payment in 4 instalments without charge)
We offer formulas with a minimum commitment of 3 months.
A bike, a lock, a charger, a free monthly service, the possibility of having my bike replaced in the event of theft (see conditions in my contract).
We can provide a GPS solution. I can check the position of my bike on the VelyVelo mobile application, or on my personal space
Monthly bills are automatically debited from your registered credit card on the anniversary date of your contract.
I can book an appointment directly from my personal space on the mobile application or from the Calendly link.
My contract is automatically renewed at the end of each period.
To increase the safety of my bike, I must attach it to a fixed point, using both the chain lock and the U lock.
It is possible to terminate the lease during the term of the contract, on condition that you pay the indemnity corresponding to the remaining monthly instalments until the end of the contract.

Check the level of support on the Display, whether the battery is connected, and the level of charge of the Battery

Most are equipped with integrated gear hubs. Unlike a conventional derailleur, this means you don't need to shift gears while pedaling. You can shift gears while stationary, or while riding without pedaling.


To switch on the bike's lights and control display, simply press the Display's ON and UP buttons simultaneously.

Our bikes are supplied with an anti-theft device located on the rear wheel. This anti-theft device, attached to the frame, locks the
rear wheel. It is very practical when you need to make a quick stop and don't have an attachment point nearby. In addition to this lock, we can supply a chain to connect to the padlock. In addition, we also supply a folding or classic "U" type.

No, you can park your bike on the street if you like. But don't forget your anti-theft device and to remove the battery.

No, because your bike's battery is removable. When you want, where you want! ⚡️

Thanks to our questionnaire you can identify interested employees.
Send us an email to, we will be happy to share it with you.

You can choose to allocate the bike to another employee who might be interested, you can terminate their contract or we can continue with them directly.

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If you'd like to make an appointment for maintenance or repair of your electric bike, book your appointment directly in the app!

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77 Avenue Aristide Briand
94110 Arcueil



8 Rue du Rouet
13006 Marseille

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79 Rue du Palais Galien
33000 Bordeaux



75 Rue Etienne Richerand
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