Making cycling accessible and stress-free

VelyVelo was born out of an observation in the field, and our primary aim is to offer delivery professionals and craftsmen an accessible, no-holds-barred solution. With our rental service and our VelyVelo DMS platform for fleet management and maintenance, we offer professionals affordable bikes designed especially for them, with fixed monthly rents and great visibility over expenditure. Why buy when you can rent?

Improve the productivity of field teams and delivery personnel

Every bike we offer enables professionals to increase their productivity. Electrically-assisted bicycles improve the daily lives of delivery drivers and craftsmen, without the effort. The customization of all our models means that every company can have the perfect bike for its needs and activity. And thanks to our VelyVelo DMS platform, it's easy to track each bike's data, geolocate it or schedule future maintenance, thus limiting the number of bikes out of service.

Contributing to the ecological transition

As we all know, ecology is a hot topic right now! With our electrically-assisted bicycles, we'd like to promote soft mobility, which competes directly with other modes of delivery (car, scooter...), especially in cities. One of our objectives is to contribute to a cleaner mode of transport, to actively limit pollution and make tomorrow's world greener.

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