Electric bike rental for professionals in Marseille

Are you a professional looking for a more eco-friendly way to get around Marseille? Discover VelyVelo's long-term rental of electrically-assisted bicycles! Our bikes are adapted to the challenges and needs of professionals, combining robustness, reliability and power. Every detail is designed to make life easier for independent delivery drivers, transporters, restaurateurs and craftsmen. Assistance and repairs are also included in our rental offer, and our teams are at your service 24 hours a day.

Why rent an electric bike in Marseille? 

Marseille is France's second largest city in terms of population. But it's also the most congested city in France! The city's reputation is as much about shopping as it is about tourism. The Phocaean city has put in place a real strategy to increase its attractiveness and develop its economy. In the near future, the metropolis plans to introduce express lanes specially dedicated to cyclists. 

Many of Marseille's delivery professionals are looking for alternatives that are both ecological and economical to meet growing customer demand. And the electrically-assisted bicycle is emerging as a genuine alternative to other means of transport, thanks to its agility in the city and the ability it offers delivery personnel to get around while avoiding the many traffic jams. 


Why choose VelyVelo to rent an electric bike in Marseille? 

The VelyVelo teams are well aware of the challenges facing delivery professionals in Marseille. Our long-term electric bike rental formulas offer companies a real opportunity to develop their delivery services, while remaining efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Our teams are attentive to your needs and can help you choose the fleet of electric bikes best suited to your activity. Our rental formulas are also adapted to your budget. Our all-inclusive service includes rental, 24-hour assistance, repairs and theft insurance. 

Our electrically-assisted bikes, whether cargo bikes, tricycles or scooters, are sturdy, powerful and accessible to all budgets. We also offer 100% customization of your bikes, thanks to our wide range of accessories, to best suit your needs and activities: cold transport, adaptation of boxes and trailers, increased autonomy... So you can optimize both your time and your delivery costs.


VelyVelo makes it easy to manage your electric bike fleet 

When you rent your fleet of electric bikes from VelyVelo, you'll also benefit from our VelyVelo DMS platform. Our intuitive application can be accessed directly on your phone! Available on all terminals, and accessible to several users simultaneously, it allows you to easily manage your fleet on a daily basis. 

You can also easily report incidents and track your bike's repairs directly on the platform, hour by hour. In just a few clicks, you can book appointments for maintenance, servicing and repairs directly from the application. It also enables you to geolocate all your bikes in real time: the perfect solution, especially in the event of theft.

Real-time data collection on the application is ideal for predictive maintenance of your entire fleet, reducing the number of bikes at a standstill, while optimizing the performance of your equipment. 

+ More than 2000km travelled per month

Every month, our electric bikes cover this distance on average this distance!

Customer service available 6 days a week

Reactive and available anywhere in France, our customer service is at your service from Monday to Saturday.

4 Metropolises in France

Our bikes are available from our workshops in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille.

A dedicated account manager

Each of our customers has a dedicated contact person: a privileged interlocutor!

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