Electric bike rental for professionals in Bordeaux

Are you a delivery professional in Bordeaux looking for a bike to rent? VelyVelo has developed a long-term rental (LLD) solution for electric bikes, specially designed to meet the challenges and needs of all sectors. They are sturdy, reliable and powerful, and every detail is designed to make life easier for professionals! Our rental offer also includes assistance and repairs, with a dedicated team available 24 hours a day. 

Why rent an electric bike in Bordeaux? 

The demographic dynamics of Bordeaux and the surrounding region are among the most attractive in France. The delivery sector is also evolving rapidly. Faced with the challenges of mobility and more restrictive traffic constraints, electric bicycles are gaining the upper hand, and more and more people are adopting them in the workplace. Delivery services in all sectors are moving towards more economical, environmentally-friendly and hassle-free mobility solutions.

Why choose VelyVelo to rent your electric bike in Bordeaux? 

VelyVelo has taken into account the significant challenges that delivery professionals in Bordeaux face on a daily basis. We offer comprehensive solutions adapted to every need and budget, whatever your activity (independent delivery company, restaurant owner, craftsman, carrier...). 

Our range of electric bikes includes powerful models with sizes optimized for every need: electric freighters, tricycles, three-wheelers... The bikes are all 100% customizable thanks to a wide selection of adapted accessories: cold transport, adaptation of boxes and trailers, increased autonomy... So you can easily reduce your costs and delivery times. 

Our Bordeaux-based team is at your disposal to help you and offer you rental packages optimized for your company, according to your needs and budget. Whatever your company's profile, we've got the right electric bikes for you! VelyVelo offers you a complete service, including rental, 24-hour assistance, repairs and insurance for your electric bikes. 

VelyVelo makes it easy to manage your electric bike fleet 

When you rent your fleet of electric bikes from VelyVelo, you can also take advantage of our VelyVelo DMS platform! Our intuitive application makes it easy to manage your fleet from your phone. Available on all your terminals, it can also be accessed simultaneously by several users.

In just a few clicks, you can report incidents and track repairs hour by hour directly on VelyVelo DMS. The application also enables you to book appointments for maintenance, servicing and repairs to your fleet, and to geolocate all your bikes in real time (perfect, especially in the event of theft!). 

Thanks to real-time data collection, VelyVelo DMS will enable you to carry out predictive maintenance rather than curative maintenance, thus reducing the number of bikes out of service while optimizing the performance of your equipment. 

+ More than 2000km travelled per month

Every month, our electric bikes cover this distance on average this distance!

Customer service available 6 days a week

Reactive and available anywhere in France, our customer service is at your service from Monday to Saturday.

4 Metropolises in France

Our bikes are available from our workshops in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille.

A dedicated account manager

Each of our customers has a dedicated contact person: a privileged interlocutor!

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