A fleet of bicycles for last-mile deliveries

Cycling is increasingly used for transport: why not you? Our cargo bikes represent a green mobility solution, designed to facilitate delivery in the heart of cities.

Whatever your business, ride with VelyVelo!

Expand your means of delivery with our electrically-assisted cargo bikes! Customizable (trailers, boxes, etc.), they can be adapted to your activity, making it easy to offer cyclologistics, especially for last-mile delivery.

Low-carbon delivery with cyclologistics.
Why choose VelyVelo for transport and delivery?
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All-inclusive rental: insurance, maintenance and repairs

With VelyVelo, everything is included in the rental price: insurance against theft, regular maintenance according to the rhythm of your activity, and repairs in our workshops or at our partners'!

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A delivery fleet at a controlled cost

With the long-term rental (LLD) of our electrically-assisted bicycles, plan your expenses with a controlled cost spread over time, thanks to the fixed monthly rent.

Your fleet management application

With VelyVelo DMS, our bike tracking platform, you can geolocate your bike at any time in real time. In just a few clicks, you can find a time slot to carry out maintenance and repairs on your bike, or make an assistance declaration!

A fleet tailored to your needs

Our electric-assist cargo bikes are 100% customizable to suit your needs and activity: with or without trailer, box, two-up, tricycle...

Digitalize your fleet management with our all-in-1 platform!
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Choose your VelyVelo
The bicycle and trailer pair

With the addition of a lightweight trailer, the bike's towing capacity is increased, but it remains as efficient, fast and maneuverable as ever. It's the ideal solution for transporting more deliveries without losing productivity!

The two-wheeler, with or without trailer

The two-wheeler is the multi-purpose electrically-assisted bicycle par excellence. The trailer can be easily detached as required, making this bike flexible and adaptable to all sectors of activity.

The tricycle, with a body that can be adapted to suit your needs

The tricycle (or three-wheeler) is the ideal bicycle, especially for cyclologistics! Its large loading volume makes it the perfect ally for last-mile delivery. And its removable body can be customized, making it an essential marketing tool.

+ More than 500 customers have chosen VelyVelo

They've chosen to put their trust in us to develop their cyclologistics!

+ More than 2,000km
travelled per month

Every month, our electric bikes cover this distance on average this distance!

Maintenance at
during the day

Our technicians intervene within a day, anywhere in France.

4 metropolises
in France

Our bikes are available from our workshops in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille.

Electric bike hire for transport companies

Are you a parcel and parcel delivery company, a courier and delivery company, or an in-house carrier? Opt for the long-term rental (LLD) of a fleet of electrically-assisted bicycles from VelyVelo, and ensure last-mile delivery thanks to cyclologistics! A green mobility solution that actively participates in the ecological transition, and facilitates travel in the heart of cities. 

Carriers, why choose to rent an electric bike from VelyVelo? 

VelyVelo offers electrically-assisted bicycles developed by professionals who know the terrain and its problems perfectly, for professionals who need great mobility in town. That's why our range of bikes is so efficient, and can be adapted to your activity and your needs! 

The advantages of VelyVelo electric bicycles

Choosing an electric bike for last-mile delivery makes it easier to recruit new staff: your delivery personnel no longer need to have a driving license or BSR! Thanks to the bike, you also reduce your delivery costs: no need to pay for vehicles (car, scooter). You benefit from a fixed monthly rental fee, which puts a ceiling on expenses to preserve your cash flow. 

By making your deliveries on an electrically-assisted bicycle, you make it much easier to get around town: no need to waste time in traffic jams or looking for a parking space. Another significant time-saver thanks to carbon-free delivery!

All our electrically-assisted bicycles are 100% customizable: we offer electric freighters, tricycles, scooters... on which we can include numerous accessories depending on your activity and your needs: cold transport, boxes and trailers, additional battery to increase autonomy, removable customizable crate to promote your company... 

When you rent a bike from VelyVelo, you'll find the VelyVelo DMS platform dedicated to tracking your bike. Available on all terminals, it can also be used by several people at the same time. Included in the rental price, it enables you to find a time slot for maintenance and repairs in just a few clicks, to make an assistance declaration, and to geolocate your bikes in real time, particularly in the event of theft. 

The advantages of renting an electrically-assisted bicycle for transporters

Cycling is on the increase in urban areas, and by opting for cycling as a mode of transport, you'll be able to respond to more and more invitations to tender. 

Whatever your company's activities and needs, renting a fleet of electric bikes from VelyVelo is an all-inclusive offer! Theft insurance, maintenance and repairs are all included in the rental price. You'll also benefit from a dedicated account manager, available 6 days a week to answer all your questions.

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