Electric bike rental for professionals in Paris

Are you a professional looking for a soft mobility solution for your daily commute in Paris and its suburbs? VelyVelo offers innovative electric bikes, perfectly adapted to the challenges and needs of professionals. Sturdy, reliable and powerful, every detail of our bikes has been designed to make getting around easier! Our long-term rental (LLD) offer also includes assistance and repair services: our teams are at your service 24 hours a day. 

Why rent an electric bike in Paris? 

The French capital produces over 28% of France's GDP, making it one of the world's most productive metropolises. The city faces a number of challenges, both ecological and economic. In this respect, Paris has set itself the ambitious goal of becoming the world's bicycle capital. 

Paris' 2021-2026 plan calls for spending 250 million euros to boost the presence of bicycles in the city. By 2021, Paris will have more than 1,000 kilometers of cycling facilities, including 300 kilometers of cycle paths throughout the city. 

Parisians, too, are becoming increasingly adept at cycling, especially delivery professionals! They are attracted to electrically-assisted bikes to help them cope with the various traffic restrictions imposed by the city, and to make their way easily through the capital's traffic jams. 

Why choose VelyVelo to rent your electric bike in Paris? 

VelyVelo's electric bike rental service is ideal for all delivery professionals. With our bikes (electric freighters, tricycles, three-wheelers, etc.), delivery is fast, economical and environmentally friendly. 

Our electrically-assisted bicycles are 100% customizable thanks to our wide range of accessories, to best suit your needs and activities: cold transport, adaptation of boxes and trailers, increased autonomy... Our bicycles combine agility and efficiency to reduce your delivery times and costs by facilitating your day-to-day travel. 

Our long-term rental formulas are perfect for providing practical solutions to mobility constraints in the capital. Whatever your sector of activity (independent delivery driver, restaurant owner, craftsman, carrier...), VelyVelo has the right solution for you!

VelyVelo makes it easy to manage your electric bike fleet 

Renting an electric bike with VelyVelo also means taking advantage of our VelyVelo DMS platform for the day-to-day management of your fleet, directly on your phone. Available on all your terminals, our application is included in your rental, and can be accessed simultaneously by several users. 

You'll be able to easily report incidents, track your bike's repairs hour by hour, and book appointments directly on the app for bike maintenance and repairs. The VelyVelo DMS platform also enables you to geolocate your fleet of bikes in real time: the ideal solution for locating your bikes in the event of theft. 

Thanks to the data collected in real time on the application, you can carry out predictive maintenance on your fleet and reduce the number of bikes at a standstill, as well as optimize the performance of your equipment. 

+ More than 2000km travelled per month

Every month, our electric bikes cover this distance on average this distance!

Customer service available 6 days a week

Reactive and available anywhere in France, our customer service is at your service from Monday to Saturday.

4 Metropolises in France

Our bikes are available from our workshops in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille.

A dedicated account manager

Each of our customers has a dedicated contact person: a privileged interlocutor!

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