Deliveries in record time with your fleet of bicycles

To optimize your delivery time by using a green means of mobility, and increase customer satisfaction, opt for a fleet of VelyVelo electrically-assisted bicycles on an all-inclusive long-term rental basis!

Reduce the cost of your delivery vehicles by 2.
Why choose VelyVelo for your Restaurant?
All-inclusive rental: insurance, maintenance and repairs

With VelyVelo, everything is included in the rental price: insurance against theft, regular maintenance according to the rhythm of your activity, and repairs in our workshops or at our partners'!

A delivery fleet at a controlled cost

With the long-term rental (LLD) of our electrically-assisted bicycles, plan your expenses with a controlled cost spread over time, thanks to the fixed monthly rent.

Your fleet management application

With VelyVelo DMS, our bike tracking platform, you can geolocate your bike at any time in real time. In just a few clicks, you can find a time slot to carry out maintenance and repairs on your bike, or make an assistance declaration!

A fleet tailored to your needs

Our electric-assist cargo bikes are 100% customizable to suit your needs and activity: with or without trailer, box, two-up, tricycle...

Digitalize your fleet management with our all-in-1 platform!
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The delivery bike revolution
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A stylish bike with a battery built into the frame benefits from hybrid use.
Adapting my VelyVelo to my activity
Maintenance at
during the day

Our technicians intervene within a day, anywhere in France.

+ More than 2,000km
travelled per month

Every month, our electric bikes cover this distance on average this distance!

These players
trust us

A number of major chains have chosen VelyVelo for their deliveries: Domino's Pizza, Pizza Hut ...

4 metropolises
in France

Our bikes are available from our workshops in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Marseille.

Electric bike rental for restaurants

Are you an independent restaurant, franchise or large catering chain looking to optimize your home deliveries? In Paris, Marseille, Bordeaux or Lyon, discover VelyVelo's electrically-assisted bicycles, designed to make life easier for delivery professionals! 

Restaurants, why choose to rent an electric bike from VelyVelo? 

All our electrically-assisted bicycles are tailor-made by professionals who know the terrain, for professionals. Our electric bicycles for long-term rental (LLD) can be adapted to your activity, according to your needs, while actively contributing to the ecological transition: electric freighters, tricycles, scooters... 

The advantages of VelyVelo electric bicycles

By choosing electric bikes as your delivery mode, you make it easier to recruit your team: no need for your delivery drivers to have a license or a BSR! By opting for bicycles, your delivery costs are reduced, as you no longer need to pay the costs associated with a car or scooter. This means you can halve the cost of your delivery vehicles, while still benefiting from a fixed monthly rental. 

With the VelyVelo offer, there's no extra charge on top of the rental: maintenance, repair and insurance of your bike fleet are included. Our electrically-assisted bicycles are 100% customizable: with or without trailer, box, two-wheeler... And if you opt for a transport box, it's also customizable to enhance your brand's visibility!

The electrically-assisted bike is ideal for optimizing your home meal delivery times. Our bikes are sturdy and agile, specially designed for city riding. They also have great autonomy, perfect for ensuring deliveries throughout the service. We also offer additional batteries for even greater autonomy!

When you rent your bike from VelyVelo, you also benefit from our VelyVelo DMS platform. Our application, available on all terminals and accessible simultaneously to several users, enables you to manage your fleet and track it. You can geolocate your bikes in real time, find a time slot for maintenance and repairs in just a few clicks, and make assistance declarations. 

The advantages of renting an electric bike

Whatever your profile and your restaurant's needs, renting an electric bike from VelyVelo is an all-inclusive offer! Insurance against theft, maintenance, repairs: everything is included in the rental of your bike, and can be easily adapted to the pace of your business and your needs. 

You'll also benefit from a dedicated team, throughout France, and a dedicated account manager, available 6 days a week to answer all your questions. Whatever your business, we've got the perfect bike for you!

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