Urban Arrow XL

The perfect electric cargo bike for professionals. Fast deliveries and hassle-free parking.
- from €300

570 L

250 kg

50 km

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Description of Urban Arrow XL

Urban Arrow Cargo the market leader in electric transport bikes. Popular with private entrepreneurs and multinationals alike, the Cargo bike lets you take an innovative approach to your market. Be a pioneer by adopting the electric transport bike!

Configurations and technical specifications


Color: White / Black

Frame Size: XL

Motor: Bosch Cargo Line - 250w

Gear hub: Enviolo

Transmission: Gates Belt Drive

Brake system: Formula MC50

Maximum weight: 250 kg


Maximum weight: 250kg

Bike weight: 52kg

Bike length: 294cm

Bicycle width: 70cm

Bike height: 110cm

Maximum rider weight: 125kg

Maximum speed: 25km/u

Average range: 50km



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