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VelyVelo, an evolution on 2 (or 3) wheels!

In 2017, the creation of VelyVelo marked a transformative moment, motivated by the challenges faced by two of its founders in the quest for the perfect bike for pizza deliveries. At the time, thermal scooters were the norm, but the costs associated with fuel, maintenance, insurance, fines and recruitment difficulties due to driving licenses necessitated the search for a cost-effective alternative that could also improve delivery efficiency.

The journey to find the ideal delivery bike led VelyVelo to work with traditional electric bike suppliers and delivery bike manufacturers, eventually leading them to undertake the design and production of their own bikes. Despite the typical obstacles encountered by start-ups, the company gained traction, laying the foundations for a promising future.

The year 2020 was a pivotal one, bringing unforeseen challenges, notably related to the pandemic. It has also brought new opportunities: the rise in demand for fast grocery delivery services in Europe, including France, has prompted VelyVelo to rapidly expand its operations. Navigating through shortages and high demand, the three founders and their teams expanded the fleet to over 4,000 electric delivery bikes and established workshops in major cities such as Lille, Lyon, Marseille and Bordeaux.

However, just as quickly as the trend towards fast grocery delivery swept across France, it faded away. With the relaxation of confinement constraints, demand for 10-minute grocery deliveries declined. Some major players left the market in 2022 and 2023, and VelyVelo was left with a substantial fleet of available bikes. Faced with this situation, VelyVelo pivoted its business model. Although the grocery delivery model was still in place, the need to receive groceries within 10 minutes was no longer imperative.

Adapting to the new market situation, VelyVelo has signed partnerships with major players such as Uber and Stuart. With delivery partners in several French cities, the delivery of meals and shopping by bike is still very much on the agenda, and represents the future of VelyVelo!

At the same time, VelyVelo has capitalized on its experience and infrastructure to cultivate a network of customers engaged in parcel deliveries using high-capacity cargo bikes. These cargo bikes offer impressive autonomy and a loading capacity of 2 m² and/or 300 kg, challenging the idea that such capacities are reserved for delivery vans.

At the heart of VelyVelo's mission is a commitment to decarbonizing deliveries. Whether it's a hot pizza or your favorite pair of jeans, VelyVelo aims to provide the tools that enable their partners to make deliveries in an environmentally sustainable way. By adapting to evolving market demands, VelyVelo continues to ride the waves of change, shaping the future of eco-responsible and efficient delivery solutions.

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